Barett McGavock's Personal Site

Well, I took the plunge and started up a blog. Looks like the rants that were promised have been pretty tame so far. Feel free to suggest topics. I'll get around to a few about work and life if I have time.

I hate having the gift list link on the front page, but it's probably the most useful link on this site so far. As long as I hate maintaining a paper gift list more, I guess I'll look greedy. :)

I've sorely needed to rework this site. I'm mainly motivated by the fact that I work with the web on a daily basis. Very embarrasing, therefore, to have my personal site straight out of the stone ages. A flashy site is not really my style, so don't expect to see any fancy popup menus, Macromedia Flash or moving Javascript stuff. Unless I get fired and have some time on my hands...!

I do want a few things from the site, however.

Specific tasks to do:

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